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Public Cloud

  • Best of breed cloud computing

    Usishi provides Public Cloud Infrastructure as well as Cloud Services which would suite mostly with Telcos and Cloud Providers.
    We are elegant to build the desired special services on top of the world class cloud infrastructure by utilizing the multi-tenant cloud technologies such as:

    • ZFS: The Last Word in File Systems
    • Zones: Most secure resource isolation, advanced virtualization at OS Level
    • KVM: Enterprise ready hardware level virtualization
    • Dtrace:Cloud Analytics
    • Node: Asynchronous, event-driven cloud coding with unmatched performance

    Usishi provides a different view on cloud computing with highly distributed, cost effective and hybrid virtualization technologies which provides best of both worlds.

Private Cloud

  • Leverage your IT
    Companies who wish to invest on-premise systems would take advantage of a world classcloud infrastructure. It is our specialty to build tailor made custom solutions which suites perfectly for the business.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • High performance with less
    Usishi provides high performance and highly scalable Secure Cloud Desktop Infrastructure. It prevents VDI Boot Storm with distributed computing facilities.
    Usishi VDI builds 100 machines in less than 3 minutes which is a leading performance criteria. Moreover enhanced multi-tenant capabilities provide fair resource sharing with no noisy neighbor around the hood. By these features Usishi VDI is optimized for thousands of desktops.

Open Storage

  • New era in storage
    It has come to an end for era of monolithic, proprietary storage. World tends to benefit from open architecture storage systems which fulfills entire enterprise requirements. With the power of ZFS technologies Usishi provides highly available, high performance unified storage array which would scale to multi-petabyte capacity with high cost savings.


  • New era in database
    NoSQL is the next generation database platform for all. As the Big Data horizons arise, multi-decade aged RMDBS database systems cannot keep up with the capacity as well as high availability. Rising NoSQL architected database systems can provide hundreds of TB capacity with no SPOF (Single point of Failure) at asignificant cost advantage.
    Usishi provides new generation NoSQL services for high performance read and write throughputs.

Integration Services

  • Tailor made business
    Usishi runs different areas of integration services of custom solutions. Hospital Automation (PAX), Business Finance Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Resource Management platforms are a few key areas where Usishi provides value added integration services.